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Experienced and Certified 

Durham Birth Photography and Doula Services

I want you to see what I see. 


From my lens. 

Giving birth is a whirlwind and leaves us with foggy memories of this important time. I see the love, excitement, determination, beauty, relief, and joy and it takes my breath away. You deserve to remember it. 

North Carolina doula and birth photographer Katie Jackson stands next to a tree wearing a red dress and a white cardigan and smiles at the camera.

Hi, I'm Katie Jackson

 Certified Doula, Educator and Birth Photographer, serving Raleigh-Durham and surrounding areas


I want you to enjoy your day without extra stress, like remembering everything from birthing class and fiddling with your camera app. I offer you a valuable and specialised set of skills. I bring the support of an advanced doula, years of teaching, as well as a photographer with birth-focused education. I want you to have beautiful memories and know that you hired someone who deeply understands and trusts the process.

If you want personal support from an expert, I'm the professional for you. I have served dozens of families and seen the range of births. I am prepared to help you meet your goals and I have advanced training in birth mechanics and physiology.

I'm here to comfort you, care for you

and take care of all the details

Midwife Birth Durham-The Doula Lens_edit

"I could not have experienced an enjoyable birth without Katie. She was hands on, knowledgeable, and patient. Around 22 hours, I remember pleading "I can't do this!" and she said, “You’re exactly where you need to be."


It's hard to put into words the confidence she instilled. Working with Katie is something we'll never forget—she is truly a gift."


City of Oaks Midwives-The Doula Lens_edi

"Hiring Katie as our birth photographer was one of the best decisions!! The photos capture the beauty and intensity and we will treasure them forever. She captured the small, intimate moments and big events with equal thoughtfulness and skill.

The photos provide another perspective and allow me to see moments I missed, remember the details and just wonder at the amazingness of it all. Katie was professional, kind and lovely to work with." 


Home Birth Raleigh-The Doula Lens_edited

"Katie is calm, caring, and supportive. She made my unmedicated birth more than I ever could expect. She taught me the best ways to cope with the 22-hour labor and I love the photos so much! I would recommend her 10 times out of 10!"


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