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My second birth, a powerful and challenging day

Hi, I'm so happy you are here

I’m a deep thinker and curious about people. I'm comfortable with silence. I don’t take myself too seriously and I appreciate sarcasm.

I don’t care much for gadgets or technology. However, if I am on my phone, you might find me snort-laughing over parenting memes and animal reels. 

I am happiest hiking with my family, digging in the dirt or hearing live music. I find the most beauty in the raw things, vulnerable things and the growing things. I love the real and the natural, whether it’s emotions or landscapes.


Tacos and plants are my love language.


I have always been interested in the human body and I have a degree in Public Health Education. Since having my own children, I've been inspired to help others through this significant time. 

In my everyday life, I’m not always taking photos, I like to be in the moment. I love to help parents experience their most important days the way I prefer mine;  in real time and not behind a phone 

I do this job so YOU can be fully present. I do this job so YOU can look back years from now...

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"Wow, I don't remember that"

"I can't believe I DID THAT!"

"That was the best day"

"Awe, look how he fit in my arms"

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"Thank you for holding me"

"That's the minute I met you!"

"I am so strong"

"I loved how you looked at me" 

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Curious how this works?

You take photos of what?!

Birth photography, in reality should be labeled as BIRTHING DAY photography. It's not about anatomy it's about about the emotions. The hormones of birth make our brains fuzzy. Having photos helps you process your experience. Having photos is a gift to yourself and your child to help you remember the day you met. 

How can you do both?

Taking photos will not replace any of the support I provide as a doula. I have seen many labors and I am very familiar with the birthing space and timeline.  I know the ebbs and flows of this process and I have a good sense of when it is an appropriate time to pick up and put down the camera.


I am not always actively using my hands. I use my voice, my eyes, my words to provide comfort, suggestions, encouragement, and to keep the environment calm and peaceful.

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How much nudity is involved?

It is entirely possible to tell a beautiful birth story without showing lots of skin. This preference is up to you and your wishes for the intimacy of the photos. I am able to use angles and framing in order to get the kind of images that make you most comfortable and you feel happy sharing with friends and family.

Will you post my photos?

If I have your permission, I love to share. I believe it’s so important to see normal and joyful stories. For many years, the experience has been secret. The  examples we have seen in the media, or heard through the grapevine are often scary and unrealistic. We live in a society that mostly fears birth.


The only way we move past this is to make birth more visible and positive. We owe it to the rising generation. They need to know they can speak up, ask questions and have options and wishes for their experience. They need to see that birth is a safe and normal part of life and not a scary medical emergency.

Why does it cost so much?

I have years of experience and multiple, professional certifications. I hold myself to high standards. If you want a bargain price and bargain quality, I am not the choice for you. Investing in me means you get a top notch and personal service. I am always improving my skills and I have learned from the best. I have invested in professional equipment that can handle the demands of birth.  


Other photographers would shy away from this setting: harsh colors, distracting and changing backgrounds, almost zero natural light, multiple moving people, surgical spotlights, no do-overs.

My prices also mean I limit the number of clients I accept every month to ensure I am available. I make a commitment to be there for you. Whether your birth happens at 3am or lasts a long time, you can rely on me. 

As someone who is self-employed, I am also responsible for all of the taxes, fees and costs of doing business. 

There's many challenges involved in the schedule and the mechanics, but I love this job. As a parent myself, I also know those days are fleeting and the memories are priceless.

More questions about what goes into the costs and how I can help make it work for you? Reach out today!

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Education and Certification

Childbirth Education Seminar 

Birth Doula and Labor Support Workshop 

Student Doula program with Better Birth  

Lamaze Certification  

ICEA Birth Doula Certification 

Improving Birth Outcomes in NC Seminar

Spinning Babies Workshop

UNC Safezone Training for Professionals

Essence of Birth Photography Course

Certification with Birth Becomes You 

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