I'm glad you are here

I’m a deep thinker and curious about people. In a crowded room, I’ll never be the one who needs to talk or craves attention. I'm comfortable with silence. I’m content to listen and observe what is going on around me. I don’t take myself too seriously and I appreciate some carefully timed sarcasm.

Anyone who knows me well would tell you I don’t care much for gadgets or technology. I couldn’t tell you what kind of cars my neighbors drive or what kind of processor is on my computer. If I’m on my phone, I’m probably looking at babies or snort-laughing over parenting and gardening memes.

I am happiest hiking with my family, digging in the dirt or hearing live music. I find the most beauty in the raw things, vulnerable things and the growing things. I love the real and the natural, whether it’s emotions or landscapes.


Tacos and plants are my love language.

my second birth: such a big and challenging and powerful day

In my everyday life, I’m not always behind a camera. I like to be in the moment and see things with my own eyes, rather than through a lens. I consider it a very real privilege to help people to experience their most important days the way I prefer to enjoy mine:


present, engaged and in real time 

new mom holding baby skin to skin looking relieved and peaceful. Partner is looking at new baby

More about me

I have always been interested in the human body and I have a degree in Public Health Education. After my first child was born, I realized I had been unprepared. I entered my second labor with more information and confidence. It was transformative for me. I've felt inspired since then to have a career supporting others through this significant time. 

I pursued my interest in birth after my third baby in 2015. I am a certified educator and doula. I teach the prepared childbirth class at UNC Women’s Hospital. I attend births at all the local facilities and I have seen the spectrum of labors. Over the years supporting dozens of families, I felt the pull to document this process.


Birth can be such a whirlwind for the parents. The intensity of the day often leaves you with foggy memories of this important time. My perspective as a doula is a unique one. I see it all. The excitement, determination, exhaustion, trust, love and joy. It takes my breath away every time. It doesn’t feel right to keep these moments for myself.

I want you to see yourself how I see you. 

From my lens. 

laboring person kneeling on the bed, being supported by the partner



labroing person sitting upright breathing deeply, partner is supporting the hips



laboring person looking peaceful and focused, eyes closed




new mom and baby first moments together



Education and Certification

Childbirth Education Seminar 

Birth Doula and Labor Support Workshop 

Student Doula program with Better Birth  

Lamaze Certification  

ICEA Birth Doula Certification 

Improving Birth Outcomes in NC Seminar

Spinning Babies Workshop

UNC Safezone Training for Professionals

Essence of Birth Photography Course

Certification with Birth Becomes You 

Lamaze Certification Badge
Doula Certification Badge
Photographer Certification Badge