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Hi, I'm so happy
to meet you

Growing up I always felt I was too sensitive. I never enjoyed much small talk and I had a hard time with rigid schedules. Over the years, I've realized those are the very strengths I offer as a person, friend and birth worker.


I'm a deep thinker and flexible. I'm comfortable with with big emotions and a great listener.  


I'm empathetic and curious.


If I'm on my phone I'm probably snort-laughing over animal reels

Tacos and plants are my love language.

I am happiest hiking with my family and hearing live music.

I have always been interested in the body and I have a degree in Public Health. 


Since having my own children, I've been inspired

to support other parents.

My second birth, a powerful and challenging day

Are looking for a birth doula in Raleigh-Durham? I'd love chat with you! Want some expert guidance from the comfort of home?

Book a virtual birth planning session with me!

I want this to be the best and most beautiful day for you; because it is 

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 As your doula, I can help you

  • Plan ahead

  • Explore your options

  • Talk through your fears

  • Normalize the process

  • Practice labor coping

  • Get your partner involved

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 Why Birth Photography?​

  • Birth stories are love stories

  • See your experience

  • The emotions of your day

  • Your first meeting

  • All the tiny details

  • Memories for a lifetime

I have thousands of hours under my belt: providing birth support, prenatal meetings, teaching classes and attending continuous education. I have experience with all kinds of births and settings. Whether you are planning a homebirth, hospital birth or unmedicated birth, I am prepared to help you meet your goals and navigate anything unexpected.


Birth is hard work, but I believe in you and I am on your team. I do all I can to support the birth that YOU are hoping for. However your birth unfolds, I provide comfort and non-judgemental support.

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Curious how this works?

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How much nudity is involved? Will you share my photos?

It's totally possible to tell a beautiful story without showing lots of skin. This preference and intimacy is entirely up to you. I use angles and framing in order to make you comfortable. Birth photography is not just about the anatomy, it's about the emotions. The hormones of birth make our brains fuzzy. Having photos can help you remember and process your day.

I only share with your permission. I believe it’s so important to see real and joyful stories. We owe it to the rising generation to help them birth with confidence.  As a whole, our society is mostly fearful of birth. Photos are a powerful teaching tool as we work to unpack all of our cultural anxiety surrounding this very normal, human process.

How can you do both? Do you provide doula-only support? 

Taking photos will not replace the doula support I provide. I have seen many labors and I know the ebbs and flows of this process. I am able to document and support you with a great deal of intuition and sensitivity.

I have chosen to specialize in offering both. This is where I shine and where I feel I am offering the fullest of myself. For this reason, I do not provide doula-only services. However, birth photography is a less common skill so I will offer it separately. If you are an experienced birther or you already have great labor support, you can hire me soley for birth photography.

If you want suggestions of doula-only services, I'm happy to share suggestions for my favorite local doulas.

Why does it cost so much?

There's many challenges involved in the job and schedule, but I believe in the importance of this process. As a parent, I know these moments are fleeting and the memories are priceless.

I hold myself to professional standards. If you want a bargain price and bargain quality, I am not the choice for you. Investing in me means you get a top notch and personal service, many years of experience and multiple certifications. 


Other photographers would shy from the conditions of birth. It requires great technical skill to get beautiful images in this challenging environment. It's dark, it's busy and there are no do-overs. You want someone who will get it right.

My prices mean I limit the number of clients I accept to ensure I am available. Whether your birth happens at 3am or lasts a long time, you can rely on me to be there for you.

As someone who is self-employed, I am also responsible for all of the taxes, fees and costs of doing business. More questions about what goes into the costs and how I can help make it work for you? Reach out today!

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