The Pandemic Parenting Project

A collection of photos and stories from parents in the Triangle Area

feel seen and celebrated as we navigate this hard time together

The Why

As a doula and birth photographer, I am used to seeing the beauty and significance of hard and messy things.

Whether you are currently pregnant, have a baby or are a seasoned parent, we are all stretching and growing through a transitional time. We will never go back to how it was or who we were before. Not really. We are “birthing” new versions of ourselves as we cope with the current challenges of having children in trying times.


This feels important. I want to recognize where we are right now.

We didn’t choose this and wish we could solve it all for our families and communities.


While we are not where we want to be, I still believe this this time is worth seeing and remembering for ourselves and for future generations.

Who Is This For?


Healthcare Workers

Expecting Parents

Work from home parents

Essential Workers

We've all been through a lot

the last few years.



If you want to memorialize this time and share your experience with others, I want to hear from you.

Parents of school-aged children

Stay at home parents

New Parents

The Vision